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Phil <>
Paola, KS USA -
Ich bin der Brownie. Who else ! Damn I can't believe there is a Schneeberger web site. I was there from Feb. of 65 thru Aug. of 67. The remainder of my green  time was spent at Herzo-Base. Co. C, and Hqs Co.. Sig. Maint, and Msg. Ctr.. On Schneeberg I was a 98J30.I am older than dirt now. Arn't we all ?

A. David Brown
Louisville, KY USA

Louisville, KY USA -
Assigned to 326th in Augsburg '78 to '81. Went to det S a couple of times. Looking through the guestbook I even saw a name or two that I remember. Thanks for the memories! Sure wish I could go back for a visit, Augsburg, Schneeberg, Wobeck. I remember digging in the snow at both Det S and W to set up tents. How stupid when there was a building we could have stayed in. Oh well that's the army. Cheers!
Mike Fitzgerald <>
Las Vegas, NV USA -
I was at Devens 69-71. I learned code{finally passed 15gpm on last day)!!! Went to 05k school there! Went to Turkey after that then to Germany then TX I was a 05k40 there and was the last SP7 (to my knowledge) in my mos in the Army. I got out in 77 Many fond memories of Germany Bad Aibling then Augsburg. If anyone was there during those years 72-75 please contact me!!
Ernie Rice <>
Hamilton, OH USA -
I was in the 279th ASA Detachment '59-'60 as a 342.10. Anyone out there belong to this illustrious unit?
Ned Lowder <>
Young Harris, GA USA -
Jim Reidy wrote: Thanks Phil, We were the 17th USASA Field Station.  Prior to becoming the 17th Field Station we were the 184 Opns Company of the 319th USASABN.  We were located in Rothwesten Germany which was near the city of Kassel.  We had out stations at Meissner and Gartow and other locations.  The 17th Field Station closed down in the early 70s and absorbed by Augsburg.  Geographically we were, if you look at a map of present day Germany, smack dab in the middle.  Rothwesten has been used as a military post since the time of the Romans.  It was used by the Germans during WWII as a small airfield.  The city of Kassel had a population of about 150,000 people and is situated in the state of Hesse along the Fulda River.  Today Rothwesten is occupied by German forces.  In our group we have currently about 25 members and have only been formed for about a month.  Most of the members were, like myself, there in the mid 60s.  We do have a couple of members who were stationed there in the 1940s.  We have tons of photos of Rothwesten and Kassel Germany posted in our group and are actively seeking other veterans.  We also have as members surviving family of former veterans and it is a friendly and family orientated group.  If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me.  We are trying to get the word out in as many places as possible.

Our Web Site:

JimReidy <>
Phil, Thanks for building such a nice website for Schneeberg Vets. I worked in the Comm Center from Aug 69 (I think) until the gear and antennae were removed in Dec 70. Went to USASAFS, Augsburg after Schneeburg's closure. Do you have Tom Mara's email address. He was a great guy from New York. He was ready for war when a civilian shot & killed our guardshack dog, Pal. I have photos of Tom playing with this awesome German Sheppard in the snow. I can still remember most of the names on the hill in this time-frame. Have some photos, too. Will scan them soon. Will send you an email soon. Thanks again. Tom Ellis, Columbia, SC 9-13-02
Thomas (Tom) Ellis <>
Columbia, SC USA -
Anyone stationed at Det S from 1 Aug 81 to 1 Aug 82, please e-mail me to say hi!
Bob Rea <>
Escondido, CA USA -
I was on Mt. Hohenbogen the summers of '66 and '67; I left Deutschland in early July of '68, before the Russians came into Czechoslovakia. I was known as Collie Leroy and was there with Doug Yarns, Whiskeyman Bill Schmidt, Bob Brundage, Third World Warwick, and a host of colorful characters. Would love to hear from y'all! I'm a transplanted southerner living in Washington. Man, what a great site this is--it's great to see some of those names I haven't heard in 35 years!!
Dave Leighow <>
olympia, wa USA -
Was at the "The Hill" from late 65 to late 68. Left there for Devins and and an upgrade to 98J30. Old age has taken many memories but browsing around here, I ran across a couple I remember. George Moore, Dale Patchen, CPT Medlin, LT Bjork, SFC Bloodworth, John Flood. I remember one last name but can't put a first name with it; "Borgrink". It may not even be spelled correctly. Shad the wonder dog passed after I left.

I returned to CONUS/Devins then was assigned to Daddy DIRSA then returned to the "real" Army. Musta been some tread in me because I waited to retire in 1980 as an SFC. Retired at Redstone Arsenal and still live in the area.

I have a busy schedule as an engineer for Lockheed and I teach folks to fly, but I will try to go through the scrapbooks and see if I find anything postable.

Thanks for the memories (Sorry Bob)


Dan Malcolm <>
Harvest, AL USA -
Looking forward to the Mini Reunion this Friday (August 9th) in Columbus!
Phil Ward <>
Paola, KS USA -

I've lost track of 12 former Schneeberg residents due to changes in e-mail addresses. If you see your name below, please contact me.
John Beard, Scott Becht, Basil Clark, Bob Davis, Joe Deegan, Bill Doyle, John Durkay, Jim Ketring, Terry Miller, Mike Roberts, Harald Standifer, Jim Velez

Ed Railsback <>
Frankfurt, Germany -

Finally connected w/ old friend Jerry Luper and he turned me onto this site. Serious
time warp for me here, very pleasant. I was CZ ALS in '62/'63, then Herzo, then
Snowberg, Hohenbogen in '64, back to Snowberg to exit in Mar of '65 to chase
car races with Jerry. We made the summer's tour in my '56 VW standard model,
crashbox and mechanical brakes. Learned to drive in that car. Nazdar to friends
on this site, both known and unknown.

Pete Young <>
Camano Isl, WA USA -

I remember Dan Vellekoop and the VW firetruck. He was a good mechanic. My VW blew an engine on the autobahn and Dan, Bill Bunn and I took a 3/4 ton truck from Schneeberg along with a spare engine and a floor jack and attempted to change engines in a rest area. There were only 4 bolts that held a VW engine in place. The engine was fine but the coil was different so the car wouldn't run. We ended up towing my car back to Schneeberg with a rope attached between my car and the 3/4 ton ARMY truck. If Sergeant Gary Magner had ever found out we all would still be doing extra duty. I haven't heard from Woody Dixon since I left Det J in October 1970 but heard or read that Bill Bunn was a state trooper in Alabama.
Stan Guess <>
Woodstock, Va. USA -

I was on Scheeberg 59 - 61 as a 204.10 (later 98J), and palled around with Rick Wheeler, Al Murdock, Steve Svwalla, Denny Liphardt and Bobby Hendron. Also knew many others; i.e. Nick Guay, John Flood, Jimmie Miller, Paul Miller, etc.
Robert A. (R.A.) Jones <>
81549-München, Germany -

I was stationed at Schneeburg from 1986-1990. I was there with SFC Smith. I was a 72E, I ran the com center. I was there with the 511th MI and was still there when the 501st took the site. It is one of the most buitiful places I have ever been in my life. My two oldest daughters were born in the German hospital in Bayreuth. Our house in Bischofsgrun was at 2 hopstrasse. That was the first house after the ski slope. We saw the site updated from the old commo equipment and reel to reel decks to high teck computers and receivers. The new antena tower streched across the entire front gate. We also witnessed the fall of the Birlin wall, and the opening of the boarders.It was quite a time in history to be stationed at the forfrount of freedom. I will never forget my time on on the great white mountain we all call Schneeburg. Thanks for this site. God bless all of you, and may we all meet some day. My wife and I will sure start making plans to be at one of the reunions in the next few years, if it's possible.
Harry T. Whitehead Jr. <>
San Bernardino, CA USA -

Wow, what memeories! I can't believe that this site has been around so long without me ever coming across it before. None of us who were there, could ever forget the Czech Invasion. Eighteen to twenty hour days, seven days a week for 6 weeks.

Does anyone remember when Capt. Chartier placed Reissmann"s Off-Limits? Somone had broken the window near the front door, and of course, Herr Reissmann blamed the Amis.
The Capt. decided to show him up a bit, and put the place off limits. Now this was during the summer, when business was at its best. On Saturday night around 8PM, Capt, Chartier got myself and three others and he gave us MP shoulder ID's, and we all went down to Bichosgruen. We went first to the Gasthaus zur Post, and got one of our people to go into Reissmann's and make sure none of our people where in there. Then we went in, and started walking around the place checking everyone out. Some of the German Luftwaffe guys (who all spoke English)asked us what was going on. When we told them, they told us, "Well, throw us out." So, we did, with all the conversations being in English so that the tourists would think that it was Americans that we were throwing out. Around 11:30, we wnt back in again. This time it was even more crowded, and so we threw our German neighbors out again. At about 7:30 the following morning, Herr Reissmann was at the front gate with a case of cognac and saying how sorry he was that he had accused us of the damage. Germans knew that a place must really be bad if the Americans placed it off-limits, and Herr Reissmann knew that he would lose a lot of the tourist business if he didn't do something.

Bill Knowles <>
Wallingford, PA USA -

I was sent TDY to Schneeberg for a couple of weeks sometime between 1982-1985 (1984, I think). I was stationed at USFSA Augsburg at the time. Anyway, I have a fond memory of Bischofsgruen. One sunny Saturday I went into town to get a bite to eat and a beer. I entered a Gasthaus and looked around. The place was nearly empty except for the Stammtisch. I was invited to sit at the Stammtisch with the local folks. I spoke German fairly well in those days. I had a nice chat with a number of people. When I got ready to go, I found that one of local residents (who had left a little earlier) had paid for my meal. Someday, I would love to go back to visit Bischofsgruen.
Mark Foss <>
Auburn, WA USA -

Found this site last week and I think it's great. I originally was looking for three old buds: Bill Lundquist, Bill Bunn and Woody Dixon. Haven't seen their names on this site, but I have seen a lot of names that ring a bell. I was in ASA Germany from 67-69. Started out at Herzo and later transferred to Frankfurt where I was a member of the traveling Antenna Team (36D20). So, we hit all the sites, but Schneeberg was my favorite. I would love to hear from any of the old team or anybody from some of the most remote spots in the world- Sinop, Asmara, Nam etc.
Dan Vellekoop <>
Rochester, NY USA -

Great site! Thanks to Phil Ward for sharing this site with me. I had no idea and was happy to find out about this after all these years. It's good to know people still care after 30 years. Hope to hear from some of my 70's buddies.
Brad Oberklaus <>
Cincinnati, OH USA -

Just checking to make sure the guiestbook is working since the site update.
Phil Ward <>
Paola, KS USA -

Schneeberg Reunion
Our annual Schneeberg Reunion will take place as always on "Easter Saturday", which this year is March 30th, 2002. The agenda is a familiar one: Those who want to make the pilgrimage to the top of the Hill are to meet in front of the church in Bischofsgruen at 10 a.m. Those who simply want to shoot the breeze over Kaffee und Kuchen, EKU Pils, etc., will gather in a local Gasthaus in the afternoon. This year we're targeting the Gasthof zum Deutschen Adler (home of the famed "Lustiger Bosniak") as the meeting place.
All former Schneeberg residents - and anyone who has even heard of Schneeberg - are cordially invited to join us. The more the merrier.

Ed Railsback <>
Frankfurt, Germany -

Correctred email address.
MIke Mitchell <>
Vienna, VA USA -

Yo! Mike Mitchell your e-mail address can't be delivered. Please check to make sure it is correct. Thanks
Phil Ward <>
Paola, KS USA -

Great site. I was at Det. S in 78 and 79, 33S. I look back and have some pretty good memories. I'm the one who almost burned down the club house with the space heaters. Feel free to send a note if I don't send one first.
Mike Mitchell <>
Vienna, va USA -

I was stationed at Herzo Base between late 66 to early 70. I was a 36D20 antenaeman worked on the antenaes out in the golf course at Herzo. When I was there it was known as the 16th field station. I would get sent to Det J and Hohenbogen to maintain and install antenaes on a TDY status. Good times at both places. There was one antenae that used to hang over the ops building at Det J that would accumalate lots of ice on the elements and they would break off sometimes and go through the roof. There was a Gasthaus in Bish that used to serve a meal I think was called a Bosniak. It was a huge schnitzel with ham and cheese and covered with batter and fried and served with french fries. I sure would like to go back and get one. I sure remember the Tanz cafe also. I think on slow nights they used to show Woody Wood Pecker cartoons there also. At Hohenbogen I think there was a restaurant/resort that was just down the hill from the site a little ways where you get a good meal and sit on the deck and look out over the valley. I don't remember what it was called though. I remember how steep the grade was though. I also was the head of the bartenders at the EM club at Herzo Base during my time there. There was a jolly German who worked there I think his name was George. We used to get some pretty good bands there as I remember. Well keep up the good site and if anyone remembers me get in touch.
Greg Skoog <>
St.Paul, MN USA -

Well, I was on Det Scheneeberg from May 1977 till May 1980. I was one of the few folks that lived in Weissenstadt. If it was not for SSG Willburn Eldrich, who came to Schneeberg about a year before I left the Army, I would of spent 20 years in the Army but left just before 10 years went by. He at best, was because he was a back stabbing jerk. I forgot more about being a 98J20 and a 72E40 then he every knew. THe dumbest thing he did was to send me to Augsberg 326 ASA co with out MLQ-24 and was told to take it a part. There was a Capt. Pettybone (something like that spelling), That I knew from My Ft Meade, MN working with NSA. Both him 1St Sgt Camp knew I was short. They asked me why I was down here, I told them at Eldrich sent me down. From that day until I got out of the Army, I did nothing but show up at 08:00 and 16:00 other than that, they did not want to see me. There were about 8 to 10 people in Field Station Augsberg I knew from NSA, so who every was off work, I was with them. I think the Amry Time's Head line was just before I got out, that the Army was either 1,000 or 10,000 NCO short inthe Army. I told 1stSgt Camp 10,001 NCO short the day I left.
I am so happy I left the Army. I have a wonderful wife of 21 years and would trade her for anything.
I will say this everyone else on the Hill for the 3 years I was there, WERE ALL THE BEST FOLKS I HAVE EVER WORKED with. SO one bad spple is not bad.
I live wint Blaine, MN with my Wife and 1 son of 15 years and 2 dogs. So Hello from COLD MINNESOTA and Thank-you for having a very nice WEB SITE.

Paul E. Peterson <>
Blaine, MN USA -

I was the Det cmdr from mid ' 66 to mid '67, replaced Capt Medlin and was ,in turn, replaced by Lt Buck. I keep in touch with (Sgt) dean Upson who told me of this web site. Dale Patchen is also in the Spokane area. It is great to hear news.
John Bjork <>
Veradale , Wa USA -

Would like to hear from old Schneebergers. Was stationed
at Det. S, 326th ASA Co. from 1976 to 1978. Resissmans, Dunkers, Familie Scherm, some fond memories. Dreamt for years of returning there to that idyllic little town. Am very blessed though with a similar little town to live in and manage.

Does anyone remember Oberklautz Parkplatz?

Randy aka "Bomber" Bombardier <>
Ridgefield, WA USA -

Great website. I found out about it when Bill Evans called me. I was on Schneeberg from July 1957 to 1961. About 3 1/2 years. It brings back a flood of memories.
Ray Croel <>
Grand Ledge, Mi USA -

On Schneeberg late 70's--early 80's. 98J & 72E, respectively. Many good, funny, and several unusual memories of "The Hill." Hope to make it back for one of the reunions. Hi Archie Justice !! Great site. Keep it going and We'll give 'ya good marks on your next EER!

Kirk & Jean Hall <>
Minneapolis, MN USA -

My first tour of duty was on Schneeberg from '56 to '59.
Paul Miller and I are locating personnel who were there
during this time. So far, we have located eighteen former
Schneebergs. Any help in our location efforts would be
My second tour in Germany waswith the 77th USASA SOU.
The 77th was formed from the 3rd Platoon, 279th ASA CO,
which was stationed in Bad Aibling. If any one has
info about the 3rd Plt, 279th, please contact me.

Bill Evans <>
Denver, CO USA -

Outstation troop 01/14/65 thru 01/22/68. Naila to Wasserkuppe to hoherbogen to mauth to schneeburg. Reason for update, I,ve moved! Finally gave it up with AT&T in GA and headed home to NC. Now at 1756 Knights Drive, Denver NC 28037. Talked to Doug Jeansonne several times lately. May make the trip to Slidell LA and hang out with the old troublemaker for a few days. Would liked to have made the reunion but alas too much happening at the time. Still think of the good times in Germany a lot. Being and outstation troop was as good as it got! Take care, Danny.
Danny McGraw <>
Denver, nc USA -

98G RU from Wobeck. I was TDY from Wobeck to Schneeberg from the morning of the Russian invasion of CZ in Aug.?, '68, until about November. Then I returned in the spring of '69 for a few months.
Stephen G. Brown <>
Dallas, TX USA -

Ed's been writing so much about this site I had to "Czech it out"..pun intended. I was a 98GCX on Schneeberg from the fall of 80-82, only then we called it Det S. I hung out in Weissenstadt at "Sloopy's" which burnt down and at the Weissenhaider Muehle Gasthaus which had the best Schweinebraten I have ever eaten. Even after 22 years in the Army, my best and first tour was the hill. Thanks for the memories!!
Sandy Aultman <>
Powderly, TX USA -

It was good to hear from Jerry. I remember him living upstairs at the language school - dli to you newbies.- While looking for people I'd like to put in for Howie Currier and Al Hagen. - Last I saw of Howie he was leaving Granada to go to England for Xmas in '64.... I still have his sleeping bag. Al, who knows.
ed sachnik <>
houston, tx USA -

Pleasant trip down memory lane. Will try to find the pictures of Doug & Evie Yarns reception. Great time reading all the comments, keep it up!!
Dale Hughes <>
Winston Salem, NC USA -

I am trying to find "Yankee Papa", Pete Young, who was on Det J 64,65, Mary transcriber; we got out over there and saw each other regularly either in Seattle or California, until 1991, he then disappeared, was much into motorcycles, massage, John Davis was one of his classmates at DLI...Help

Jerry Luper, Mary, DetJ

Jerry Luper <>
Tabuaço, Portugal -

I was on Schneeberg 10/63 to 3/65, a Mary transcriber. Heidi Pike Treute found me on the internet and turned me on to this sight, my picture is in her album...Wow the memories are flooding back, what a great time it was, bunking with the Bundies, shooting pool in the "EM Club", dealing with the likes of SGT. "Blutwurst" ( and with respect, born of maturity, Bloodsworth, he was a 'tread just dong his job), my nemesis, Captain Murdock, (I made a breach down in Reissmann's, he tried to get me coutmartialed, but the project name I breached arrived printed in giant letters on the outside of a tape dellivery through normal channels, whew, got me off), too many late evenings at Reissmann's missing the truck, and walking up, who remembers the Italian beauty barmaid, Lori?, other Mary's, Al Hagen, Terry Bush, my best buddy Roland Thomas, since departed, Howie Currier, Bob Perlman(Perlie, where are you?) gracious and lovely Bisch ladies Heidi, Elke, sisters Elizabeth and Maria of the shoe store, schnitzel and pommes frites at the Adler on Sat nights with Beaujolais...anybody who feels like writing to me feel free, I live in Portugal, work in the wine business and WOULD LOVE TO COME TO THE NEXT REUNION!
Jerry Luper <>
Tabuaço, Portugal -


Relly enjoyed reading all the messages guys haave put on this page. Lot of names out of the past. Spen 3 summers at Det K and just visited det J a couple of times. Lots of good memories at Mt Hohenbogen. Heard from Doug Yarns and Dave Vaugghn this week. Was shocked after all these years but really happy to hear from them. Keep adding the names and address. Love it.
Jim De Pouw <>
Green Bay, Wi USA -

It is great to see Paul Miller's 50's shots. Shadow the Schaeferhund used to follow me all over the place when I was there. It is interesting that I haven't seen any of the old guys from my time, other than John Flood and Al Murdoch in the pictures.

There was a Sergeant named Wendell H. Lee who took the opportunity, while a bunch of us were TDY to have us declared to have committed Moral Turpitude and kicked off Schneeberg. The group included Nick Guay, Rick Wheeler, Myself and a couple of others. I didn't even know what Moral Turpitude was, but it was enough to keep Sgt Lee safe from anyone ratting on him for screwing around in Bisch, while his wife was on the way over to Germany.

That happened in 1960 and I was such a bad person that I earned ARCOM and Air Medals and both Army and Navy flight wings..Maybe I should thank him.

Gil Bouffard

Gil Bouffard <>
Lathrop, CA USA -

It is great to see Paul Miller's 50's shots. Shadow the Schaeferhund used to follow me all over the place when I was there. It is interesting that I haven't seen any of the old guys from my time, other than John Flood and Al Murdoch in the pictures.

There was a Sergeant named Wendell H. Lee who took the opportunity, whil a bunch of us were TDY to have us declared to have committed Moral Turpitude and kicked off Schneeberg. The group included Nick Guay, Rick Wheeler, Myself and a couple of others. I didn't even know what Moral Turpitude was, but it was enough to keep Sgt Lee safe from anyone ratting on him for screwing around in Bisch, while his wife was on the way over to Germany.

That happened in 1960 and I was such a bad person that I earned ARCOM and Air Medals and both Army and Navy flight wings..Maybe I should thank him.

Gil Bouffard

Gil Bouffard <>
Lathrop, CA USA -

I was a Czech Mary (transcriber) on Hoher Bogen in the summers of '66, '67 and '68. I was working Mids when the Russians marched into CZ in '68; we heard about it first on Reuter's News Service! and was on Schneeberg in the winter of '66-'67. Thanks to Phil for this nostalgic trip into the past. Thanks to Dick Routt for finding me and thanks to Ed Railsback for his fantastic CDs of '60s music from Reissmann's Tanzcafe.
Bill Schmidt <>
Berlin, Germany -

I was stationed at Schneeberg off and on from the fall of 64 until February of 66 when I was short that could fall off a piece of toilet paper and break my leg!

Boy has this site brought back a bunch of memories! Ed Railsback tracked me down (I had been looking for him for two years) and pointed me in this direction.


Jim Lytton

Jim Lytton <>
San Antonio, TX USA -

Wasn't there but was at Rothweston 65-68, Just checking sites out. Looks like you may have had a little more snow therre than we had.Interesting site.
Tim Olson <>
Deary, ID USA -

I stumbled on this site today. It certainly brought back a lot of fun memories. I was on Schneeberg during the winters of '65/'66 and '66/'67. I saw a lot of familiar names like Railsback, Pelfrey (my best man), Shipley, Jeansonne and more. The bolle party pictures were taken during my stag party. As I recall, a couple of the guys slept in a snow bank that night. Great site. Keep up the good work!
Doug Yarns <>
St. Petersburg, FL USA -

I returned to Schneeburg as the NCOIC of the 501st TCAE in 19 during a short deployment. It had really changed. The OIC of the TCAE was CPT Brechbuhl and our Voice Intercept Chief was Gary Leopold.
Robert Davis <>
Kempner, TX USA -

I spent most of the summer of 1975 deployed from the 326th in Augsburg. I was a 98G2LCX and spent most of my time in TRQ-23's or QV's. Dave Blazek, one of our 05H's from that hotbed of Texas Czech activity, Ennis, helped out but someone always had to check his spelling. The orginal site buildings left standing were nonfunctional and we were billeted down the hill in the Kur Hotel. Every time there was a thunder storm, we had to quickly shut down ops and get off the hill except for the guard detail. I was there when the blue monster received the gash in its side. Later that summer we receive the first female soldiers in the company. I can't remember the names very well, but there was one female 98C who we called MAD DOG. And Chief Moan I remember from FS Augsburg. Does anyone remember Mondell Dillard? Some of the post 70's Czech Golfs might remember me as an Instructor at GAFB. To all who were not aware and who knew him, Platt LeComb passed away several years ago.
Robert Davis <>
Kempner, TX USA -

For some reason I had never pursued "Herzo Base" on the web, but then today stumbled on a site that mentioned it this morning. That led to this site. Phil Ward, were you at Det J between 1967-69? I seem to remember a "Sgt. Ward" who wore jeans and a turtleneck a lot. Anyway, I was never at Schneeberg on a permanent basis, but I once spent about a week there waiting for a Czech military exercise to not begin. It sure was fun though, and it got pretty drunk out while I was there. Otherwise I worked strictly at Herzo. I was a 98G Czech transcriber working with SP7 Larry Schadt in the transcribing shop. I recognized lots of names from the entries by Messrs. Dickens, Deegan and Evans, even though I'm not sure I ever met the writers. People I knew who were at Det J:: Wally Price, Fred Haack, "Pitchka" Lapekas, Sandoval (slightly), Sgt. Hardy, 1st Sgt. Milnor/Milner (my wife and I once were given a cat by him), John Kelliher, Karl Grunwald, and "FiFi" Latour (whom I trained in transcribing but ran aground on his severe typing problem). I was in Monterey with Price, Sandoval, and maybe Lapekas. Also, how about the following, who were either at Det J, Det K (Hoherbogen), or Herzo: Jim Diodato, Dennis Walker, George Kent, Bruce Gillette, a SP6 named /?Tom?/ Grady, Ted Armour, Bill Steen, Tim Newman, Paul O'Connor, Dick Morrison, Art Wicks, Steve Ducey. Also /?Harry Martin?/, who got married to a German girl from the neighborhood? Also SFC Platt LaCombe, who with Hardy trained us at Goodfellow AFB, and who was sometimes referred to as "Double Oh Zero"? Did you guys see much of Lt. Dick Lucy, who was commander of A Co. at Herzo and so "owned" Det J and Det K? He was a college acquaintance of mine and we climbed the Matterhorn together in fall 1969. I vaguely recall that Lapekas and Walker shared an apartment in Bischofsgruen where they painted a snake on its walls, emerging out of a painted toilet and running from room to room, intertwining itself in the legs of a naked woman along the way. If the Sgt. Rock mentioned by Steve Evans was Joe Rock, be advised he ran for Mayor of Philadelphia PA a few years back. I'd love to hear from any of these guys. --- SP6 Jim Rooks, now a lawyer in Washington, DC (but not the bad kind).
Jim Rooks <>

Assigned to 326 ASA Co Ops Fwd from 1978-1981. We had operational control of Schneeberg, or at least we thought we did. Saw a few names I remember. Brings back fond times.
Ken Moan <>
Manassas, VA USA -

I was just clued into the Augsburg website and hence your website by Robert Smith (4-29-01). I served on Schneeberg from Nov., 1957 to Jan., 1960. I got Robert Smith's web site through the article, "The Spies Who Sat In The Cold" that appeared recently in the "Bayerischer Kurier". I really have some great memories of my time "on the hill". We lived for a while in "The Cabin" before it had modern amenities such as central heat and a shower that you didn't have to buid a fire under to get hot water. An old friend who lives in Bayreuth and is the son of Frau Matilde Moesch, who along with Toni Eckert ran the "Seehaus" down in the woods, sent me the Kurier article. I still correspond with friends in Wunsiedel also. Those were great times, I can't believe it was 40 years ago. I wish I could live them over. The exchange rate was four Marks to the dollar then too, so that helped. The closest I got to the hill since then was in 1986 when with old friends I hiked from the Seehaus to the rock formation called "Nusshardt" and saw the Bundeswehr tower sticking up on the hill. My cousins from Stuttgart drove me over to visit with my old friends (Seehaus Toni from Fichtelberg) and friends from Gold Kronach and Wunsiedel. If anyone is out there from my time (it doesn't appear so), I would love to hear from them. Your site is really nice.--Paul Miller
Paul S. Miller <>
Huntingdon Valley, PA USA -

I was on the hill from Sep 80 till fall 81. I was the NCOIC of those rowdy signal pukes. I still have ties to B'gruen and miss it alot. Great WebSite. I was turned to it by another Schneeberg Alum, Frank Pyle
Rick Kuhlman <>
Lacey, WA USA -

I was Operations Sgt then NCOIC at Det Schneeberg from around '85 to '90. I loved it there. It was the best place I've ever lived. We were attached to 511th MI and eventually turned the site over to 501st, who closed it down. This is a great site...thanks!
Robert S. Smith <>
Yokosuka, Japan -

Great Site. Loved all the old Photos from the 60s. Stationed on the hill 1964-1966. Was in the Mess with Larry, Jim,and Bruce. Will try and locate some more old photos. Thanks to Dick Routt for turning me on to this.
Rich Sammis (Sammi) <>
Bolton Landing, NY USA -

Phjil has done a marvelous job of creating an easily accessible web site that has stirred many memories. To those of you attending the reunion, Hello from Roger & Uta. As some of you may remember, Uta hail;s from Wunsiedel, and her Mother still lives there. Due to surgery,(mine), we won't be with you this spring, but we plan to visit Wunsiedel next fall, late Oct & early November. Uta's mother spends the summer month's with us in Michigan. We are also members of the local "FICHELGEBIRGSVEREIN" hiking club in Wunsiedel, which now partly owns the gasthaus on Ochsenkopf and also on Kosseine. The club is also quite involved in the restoration of the BACKOFELE (the large wooden structure which was near the motor pool area on Schneeburg. To the best of my knowledge, it was constructed prior to 1923. There have been several attempts to purchase the old stone building for use as a restaurant,so far to noavail. I understand the German Concrete Tower, Built in 1965 is for sale.Good hearing from all of you......Keep posting!!!!!!!!!
Roger Vilmont <>
Hastings, MI USA -

I was at Herzo Base Jan60-Jul61 and on Schneeberg Aug61-May62. I even have a few pictures I'll share when I find them. Anyone out there who was there during those days?
Jerry Stimpfle <>
Dansville, MII was at HMI USA -

Congrats to Phil and the contributors for constructing and maintaining such a great site. I really enjoyed looking at the pictures and trying to recall names and faces. Whenever I tell people about my time at Schneeberg, I tell them it was more like living in Animal House for 2 years than being in the "real" Army. It was a good time with good people.
Jerry Davis SB/HB 66-68 <>
Linthicum, MD USA -

I'd be glad to hear from anyone who was on the mountain from Jan67 thru June70.
Dave Heller <>
Salinas, CA USA -

Just checking to make sure the Guest Book is working on the newrevised site ..... made contact with Dave Heller last evening. He is alive and well and living in Salinas CA.
Phil Ward <>
Paola, KS USA -

I was at HB/SB 1964-1967, I was CC NCOIC (72B40)on SB 1965-1967.
Dean Upson

Dean Upson <>
Union, CT USA -

I was at Schneeburg from March 68 through Fall 69. Most of you will remember me drinking too much and having a bad attitude about the Army. However, I have very fond memories about many of the people that I was stationed with including (but not limited to): Clyde Garrett, Wally Price, John Schweppe, "Boy", Woody, Brad Weisiger, Sgt Magner, Don Riggs, Mugsy, Lapekas "Pichka", Bill "Hutch" Hutchison, Bob Ulmstatt (?), Pete Sandoval, Dan Grace, Durkay, Haack, Jack and Erna Ordway, the cook with the metal plate in his head, Sgt Whitley, Sgt Hardy, Rudi, Erika, Gertie, and so many others that I can not remember right now.
Jim Dickens <>
Columbia, MD USA -

Hello all, I truly enjoyed the site and want to thank Ed Railsback for tipping me to it. Did Schneeberg from Jan 64 through Dec 67 as a RU and Ops Off from 326 in Augsburg (1981-1984). Retired in 1986 and now work on Vint Hill for SAIC. Will try to scan in some old photos and forward to you. Doing a good thing with the site. Larry Harvey
Larry Harvey <>
Warrenton, VA USA -

I am sending this from the new web site .....
phil ward <>
Paola, KS USA -

Great site -- great memories. May 1977-Sep 1980. Any fellow SBer's from that time, would love to hear from you. For those with short memories, I'm the other 98C.

Archie Justice <>

Bisch has made it to the big time. They have a website

Stan and Gabi Guess

Stan and Gabi Guess <>
Woodstock, Va USA -

Amazing that this web site exists. I'm an old Schneeberger from the early eighties. Worked the site with the 326th ASA Co out of Augsburg from 80-84. Worked with Dennis Holck/98G and James Hall/98C (convicted spy serving time in Leavenworth). Remember Reizmann's and Dunker's Guesthouse well. What great times! Anyone in touch with Kelly Wellman? Still cranking the time in the Green machine at USSOCOM in Tampa. Hoping to return to Europe next summer and taking a spin up to the summit. Stay in touch. Jim.
Jim Velez <>
Tampa, FL USA -

Just wanted to post our E-mail address for anyone who is interested.
Erna and Jack Ordway <>
Hampton, VA USA -

I was at Schneeberg 1969/70. In fact as acting Trick chief,I was accually in charge of the Midnight shift when the order to close the base came over the teletype. What a sad day thaT WAS. It was my duty to inform Sgt Hardy when he came in the next morning."Guess what Sarge,they closed our base!" Of course he wasn't surprised,it had been expected for a while.
Who was the 1st sargeant, Sgt Milnor I think? The Capt was Larry Chartier or "Chopper"
I remember Stan Guess who I noticed a response from.
I also remember snow flurries on August 29th.
John kelliher kept the EM club open all night.
How many people remember "California Sun" by the Rivieras on the Jukebox? Since many of us had spent the previous year in Monterey, it was fun to hear people groan when that song came on in the middle of a snowstorm (If snowstorms on Schneeberg could be said to have a middle, or and end for that matter.)
Joe Deegan

Joe Deegan <>
Philadelphia, Pa USA -

Enjoyed the pages -- I especially enjoyed seeing Doug Jeansonne's and Roger Abbots names
because it means that they are at least aware of this place.
I roomed with Doug in 66 at HB. And Dan McGraw had a few
beers with me!

Chuck Ryan <>
Boca Raton, FL USA -

Just looked at the Det K pictures. They look like '63 to me. We had the 10 ft. dish up. But it never worked. It was serial number 1 and came from Vent Hill(s) Farm in Va. In '64 the big van was backed onto the site and had a small van backed up to it where we did the preliminary scanning of the stuff. I remember the mud too. That year they killed a clutch on the big van and had to get it replaced before we could move out for the winter.
Ah! memories!!!

Ed Sachnik <>
Houston, Tx USA -

Was at Schneeberg in 1968, with Woody Dixon, Ray Osuna,
Pete Sandoval, Uncle Walrus, Mad Dog and Chopper,
Lapekas, John Kelliher,Wally, FiFi Latour,Don Riggs,
Mark Vallenkoop, many more that don't come to
this feeble mind just yet. Worked in Signal Maintenance
and followed Sgt Rock to RVN. I don't have to tell you how
good the memories are of being at Schneeberg in
the Sixties.

Steve Evans

Steve Evans <>
Atlantic City, nj USA -

MINI REUNION in Bischofsgruen
Saturday 22 APRIL 2000

Ken Knoor, Sam Hays and I (we all live in Germany) have been getting together in Bischofsgruen at Easter for the last several years. This year we hope to draw a bigger crowd. Fred Foltz and Pete and Erika Ninos, who also live in the area, have indicated that they will attend. Dave Fenwick is even flying in from the Land of The Round Doorknobs for the weekend. Elizabeth Brundage is spreading the word around town to the locals.

The date is Saturday April 22 (the day before Easter).
The agenda is simple and informal:
Those who want to make a joint pilgrimage to the summit of Schneeberg will meet in the center of town (in front of the church) around mid morning. In the afternoon we'll all gather at the Adler and/or Post and spend the rest of the day swapping stories.

Ed Railsback in Frankfurt

Ed Railsback <>
Frankfurt, Germany -

I have many fond memories of Hohenbogen and Bischofsgrun.
They were the "Good Ole Days!!!" I was at Rimbach from July
68 to December 68 and Bischofsgrun from January 69 to
October 70.

Stanley Guess <>
Woodstock, Va USA -

Hi guys, Most of you wont remember me because I wasnt in ops,I took care of the motor pool. I'm also the guy who bought Capt. Medlins Porsche. I've been looking at the pics on the other page and I can answer 2 of the questions. Milo's last name is Hickman, but Idont know where he's from. Gaden Gray hailed fromEvansville, Indiana. Gray was in the 77th ASASOU in Offenbach just before it was disbanded. I was also there and we both were reassigned to the 318th. But before we went there we were sent to the CMA det. thenat Hof a.d. Salle. After 6 months there then it was Herzo Base and on to the hill. I was on the hill from about Nov 64 till Dec 65. I hope the answers helped.
Dave Fenwick <>
New Hartford, Ct USA -

I was transfered to Schneesburg from Rimbach about Sept. 67, with Ken Kopinski. George Cox was already up there. Heard he had an accident, after I came stateside in 68, and killed a female pedestrian and was transfered to the USA. Any one know for sure. Just heard from Roger Abbott last week. Will welcome any messages or info. I also have a few names and addresses I will send as soon as I get a scanner.
Harold Standifer <>
Harrogate, Tn USA -

hb/sb 66-68, 059(05k20)w/RRCV-4 Van. Heard about the site
from old buddy Doug Jeansonne who was also an 059 with the
van. COOL site! Many thanks to those responsible. Lots of
good memories of sb. Ans to pix question is guy in plaid
shirt was an 058 named Fred Rotter who was wearing one of
the beers he was drinking. Regarding pix of RRCV-4 Van, I
can still visualize most of the knobs and switches in it,(Is that a bad sign)?? Sorry I have no PC/e-mail at home at this time. Snail mail is Danny McGraw, 980 Thornwood
Circle, Covington, GA 30016

Danny McGraw
Covington, GA USA -

Yikes! With my 1/31/00 update I have deleted all the guestbook entries. I still have a number of those responses posted to my e-mail addresss ... so I should be able to get most of them restored. Please let us all know if there are other entries I should add. Thanks
Phil ward <>
Paola, KS USA -

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